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There is no second chance for a first impression. The application must be well-focused and best suited to the new employer. To ensure that this is not a problem in our company, we would like to give you an insight into our processes here and answer questions about applications and job interviews:

Your documents

Application folder was yesterday. To ensure that nothing is missing in the essential information, we prefer you to apply - whether unsolicited or for a specific position - using our online application form. Please make sure that the sum of the uploaded files does not exceed 4MB.

Complete documents means:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Certificates
  • (Optional) letter of recommendation

Make sure that your CV is clearly structured. Start with the most recent and end with the oldest station. An attractive design is welcome, but please remember: form follows function.

The job interview

The first impression counts: If you want to work professionally, you should also transmit this. Pay attention to your appearance. If you are unsure, the following applies: rather over- than underdressed.

Be prepared: Bring your printed documents to the interview. A notepad and pen are also a must.

Know your CV: Compare your curriculum vitae point by point with the job advertisement and have powerful arguments for your recruitment. Think about and note down a practical example or an example of success that proves that you have the required qualification.

Ask questions: Your questions show that you have dealt with the position and the company and demonstrate your interest. After all, you also want to be sure that we fit your needs. Make a list and bring it to the interview. Primarily the company homepage, the social media channels of the company, trade journals or business newspapers can serve as a source of information.

The skill set

Besides professional skills, your soft skills are also very important for us. This is the only way our applicants and our customers find each other.

Think about which key competences on a personal and social level you think a good employee should have for the advertised job. Does the job place particular emphasis on team skills? Then be a team player! Is responsibility required? Then be decisive!

Be prepared for the question about strengths and weaknesses, because the question will come, albeit formulated in a hidden way. Create an awareness of your personal strengths and areas of development. Present your strengths and especially emphasize the qualities that can balance qualifications that are not yet available or not optimally developed. Try to convince your interlocutor of your abilities with a well thought out strategy for concrete improvements in areas of development. What is important here is openness, authenticity and honesty.