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In search of excellence?
Are you searching for a solution to a human resources, organisational or training problem? Well, we have it.
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Live your dream-Join the team!
You are an aviation specialist with professionalism and passion. You are an expert in your field. You are accustomed to exerting your full energy for your task at hand. In a team made up of professionals.
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News & Events

26.11.2013 | DO-Pro bei der Technikerschule Mönchengladbach

Am 26. November 2013 bekam DO-Pro auch in diesem Jahr die Möglichkeit, sich im Rahmen eines Bewerbertags den Studierenden der Fachschule für Technik...

06.09.2013 | DO-Pro auf dem Karrieretag der TF Heinze Hamburg

Im Zuge des Karrieretages der Technischen Fachschule Heinze in Hamburg hatte auch DO-Pro die Möglichkeit, sich als potentieller Arbeitgeber gerade...

Category: News Flash

25.03.2013 | Bewerbungstraining für Realschul-Absolventen

Recruiting Manager Thomas Hümmer bei Bewerbungstraining für zukünftige Absolventen der Fichtelgebirgsrealschule Marktredwitz

Category: News Flash

11.02.2013 | DO-Pro im ingenieurkarriere-Newsletter

Im aktuellen Newsletter der VDI-Nachrichten (ingenieurkarriere News, Ausgabe 287 vom 01.02.2013) wurde ein ausführliches Interview mit DO-Pro...

Welcome on Board
DO-Professional Services!

Dear visitor,

  • As an engineer, technician or any aviation specialist, are seeking more content, meaning and dynamics for your professional career;
  • As an aviation company, have the need for qualified and productive specialists;
  • Are seeking partners and service providers or an employer, who pair competence with enthusiasm,
  • Are expecting suitability for daily use and practical value from professional training and consulting services;
  • Have ambitious goals and want support in reaching them;
  • Place emphasis on being individually appreciated, cared for and advanced.

The offering of DO-Professional Services:

Human Resource Services: temporary and permanent placement of high-performance aviation professionals with professional experience.

DO-Pro Academy: Design und implementation of programs for education, training and personnel development closely aligned to practical requirements


Industrial Excellence Consulting: Execution of goal oriented consulting and operational projects in the areas of quality and safety for production, maintenance and flight operations.

DO-Professional Services are special:


  • We are specialists for aviation. Because this is the world we love and in which we know our way around. Thanks to expertise and many years of experience. We understand the requirements of the aviation industry and fulfil them.
    Our understanding of quality: Zero-defects attitude, holistic process orientation, continuous improvement.
  • We are specialists for people. Even a high-tech industry like aviation is to a great extent a “People Business”. The “Human Factor” is crucial for productivity, quality, profitability and safety.
    The focus of our work: Human Excellence as basis for process- and product-quality.
  • We are specialists for sustainably successful solutions. In our Human Resource Services we make sure that a position’s requirements have an optimal fit to the expertise and needs of the employee. Only win-win-constellations are lastingly productive. As a result of our training and consulting measures people further develop their abilities and attitudes and implement them towards the company-goals.