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DO-Professional Services!

Dear visitor,

  • As an engineer, technician or any specialist in the areas of Aviation, Supply Chain Management or Chemical, you are seeking more content, meaning and dynamics for your professional career;
  • As a company of one of those industry, you have the need for qualified and productive specialists;
  • You are seeking partners and service providers or an employer, who pair competence with enthusiasm,
  • You are expecting suitability for daily use and practical value from professional training and consulting services;
  • Your have ambitious goals and want support in reaching them;
  • You place emphasis on being individually appreciated, cared for and advanced.

The offering of DO-Professional Services:

Human Resource Services: Temporary and permanent placement of high-performance specialists with professional experience.

Industrial Excellence Consulting: Execution of goal oriented consulting and operational projects in the areas of quality and safety for production, maintenance and operations.

Supply Chain Management: Temporary and permanent placement of experienced, well trained professionals for Logistics, Procurement, Process-Defintion etc.

Production and Process Engineering for the Chemical Industry: Temporary and permanent placement of experienced, well trained professionals

DO-Professional Services are special:  

  • We are experienced. Due to years of experience and industry expertise. We understand the needs of our customers and cater to them accordingly.
  • We are specialists for people. Even high-tech industries are to a great extent “People Business”. The focus of our work: Human Excellence as basis for process- and product-quality.
  • We are specialists for sustainably successful solutions. In our Human Resource Services we make sure that a position’s requirements have an optimal fit to the expertise and needs of the employee. Only win-win-constellations are lastingly productive. 



For Job Applicants

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You are an specialist with professionalism and passion. You are an expert in your field. You are accustomed to exerting your full energy for your task at hand. In a team made up of professionals.
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